Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park, Metro Manila

Visiting Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park is a cheap yet lovely delight. Take a trip to the beauty of Manila's natural resources in the middle of Quezon City, witness rare species being kept well. Take a rest while viewing a nice lagoon. And enjoy the simple life...

Entrance fee of the park is just 8.00.

Enjoy walking into their preserved ground where you can feel the cool air breezing through your skin. Capture a shot in Ninoy’s statue in front of the main building.

Walk through the different cages which houses rare animal species.

Have a picnic near the lagoon and overwhelm your day with its wonderful sight! Maybe you can catch the ice cream cart and purchase cheap ice cream for only 10.00.


Let me know if there are stores or places in Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Park that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

University of Santo Tomas, Manila

One of the BEST places I visited- University of Santo Tomas, located in Sampaloc Manila. It is the First University in Asia and it was the alma mater of four of our heroes- Jose Rizal, Emilio Jacinto, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Apolinario Mabini; Philippine Presidents such as Manuel Luis Quezon, Sergio Osmeña, Jose P. Laurel and Diosdado Macapagal; various Chief Justices of the Supreme Court, senators, congressmen, and more known personage in their chosen profession.

The first UST was built in Intramuros (the walled city), but it was transferred in Sampaloc Manila when there was a continuous rise of enrollees. It now covers 21.5 hectares.

Seeing the seemingly European architecture fro the outside of the gate forced me to break the rules! We were not allowed to enter the campus and take photos during that time, but we managed to find some ways- by escaping and hiding… hehehe… not a good example though.

Here is the list of the things that one can when you visit UST:

1)Start by capturing a picture in the ARCH OF THE CENTURIES. It is located in the gate entrance along España Boulevard. This was the original entrance of the campus when it was still in Intramuros. The structure facing the school comes from the ruins of the old arch from Intramuros.

2)Don’t miss seeing the bronze Benavides Monument. It stands in front of the main building entrance. Bishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P. was the one who funded the first UST.

3)The Main building was one of the nicest place I ever saw in my whole life. I felt like I was in a different country. LOL. Anyways, the main building was the masterpiece of ENGINEER-FRIAR Fr. Roque Ruaño, O.P., he was once the dean of faculty of the Engineering division. This building was used by the Japanese military forces in World War II.

4)You can also buy some souvenirs in the Quadricentennial Square located at the back of the main building. It has a classy architecture with an interactive fountain.
5)And NEVER EVER miss visiting UST’s Museum of Arts and Sciences. It is also known as the oldest school-based museum in the Philippines. It collects the masterpieces of known artists like Fernando and Pablo Amorsolo, Carlos Francisco, Vicente Manansala, and Galo Ocampo. It also houses the Museum Gallery, souvenir shop and mini-library. Museum closes during Mondays.


Let me know if there are stores or places in University of Santo Tomas that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Metro Manila Chinatown!

Another peck of history, visit the oldest Chinatown in the world- Metro Manila Chinatown! It is located in Binondo, Manila which starts in Carriedo LRT and ends in Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz. Manila Chinatown is a place that will surely suffice your tummy, sight-seeing and history cravings. This riverside was long been the area for trade between native Filipinos and visiting Chinese. Up to the current time, this place remained its abundance in trade.

It was already night when I visited the place, and the rain was pouring hard, but I still enjoyed my quick stopover. So here is my list of MUST DOS when you decide to take a trip here:

1)Start by entering Manila Chinatown through a landmark known as the Arch of Goodwill. You can even hire a horse-drawn kalesa at Plaza Lacson to tour you in the whole place. It is up to you though how you want your trip to surge, walking can be quite fulfilling but I guess not in a very humid and hot weather.

2)Pass through a number of shops selling pieces of jewelry and traditional medicines, or buy some trinkets, fresh produce, and snacks from sidewalk vendors.

3)Don’t forget to visit the Santo Cristo de Longos Shrine where you can light some incense. A place that shows an intriguing fusion between Catholicism and Chinese belief.
4)You might end up having a hungry tummy, take some gastronomical delights in Masuki (best siomai), Lan Zhou Lamien (hand-pulled noodle soup), Waiying (Peking duck), Diao Eng Chai (chicken pie) and Quan Yin Chai (vegetarian wheat siopao)

5)Bring home some delicious delights, buy ube hopia at Eng Bee Tin or chocolate tablets from one of the oldest chocolate factories, La Ressureccion. FORTUNE COOKIES fascinate me. :P Cool to purchase!

6)End your tour by visiting the Binondo church and admire the exquisiteness of the ceiling. Stroll around Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz and learn more about Chinese Heritage.


Let me know if there are stores or places in Chinatown, Binondo, Metro Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Monday, September 27, 2010

Intramuros Manila

A place that will take you back to the past- Intramuros. It is also know as the walled city, which has a bricked barrier circumventing the whole city that is 8 meters wide and 22 meters high. It was the focal area for military, religious and political powers in Spanish era. The only people who can reside the place were pure Spaniards or the mestizos. The city was severely bombarded and shattered when the Japanese and American war in 1945 transpired. Much of the city’s architecture was destroyed, and only the San Agustin Church remained standing after the siege. The place was then refurbished by the former first lady Imelda Marcos. The new buildings were patterned after European architecture to retain the Spanish-era influences.

I have been to Intramuros for a couple of visits. It's mysterious past triggers my hype to explore the place more.

Here is my list of MUST DOS when you visit INTRAMUROS..

1)Start your journey by walking on the walls… It is like you are in a 2-storey high building, you can see the busy streets of Intramuros from up there. I feel safer walking here than in the streets. Meet some guards who impersonate the “guardia civils”. See the cannons that peek through the walls.

2)Or maybe, try the kalesa which can tour you around the city without the pain of walking for miles. Prepare 300.00 for this though. The kutcheros are also informative tour guides.

3)Witness the beauty of 2 exquisite churches- the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church (the oldest standing church in the Philippines).

4)Visit some historical landmarks that will teach you more about our country’s past. This was the only time I knew that the 1st UST was standing here.

5)Want to play golf? Then enjoy their golf course. Playing at night will not be a problem either because the place is well lit.

6)You must not miss out going to Fort Santiago, the place where our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal was imprisoned. Rizal stayed here before his execution. You can even see a replicated footprints of his pathway out. You can also enter his museum where a lot of his old writings are displayed, and some of his garments and stuffs. Entrance fee to Fort Santiago: 75.00 (adult) 50.00 (student). They also have cool kalesas inside.

7)I would also like to feature something, I found Starbucks, Jollibee and McDonalds inside Intramuros, but its design is pretty fascinating, it looked like part of the old architecture. 

8) There are also great restaurants you can try inside this walled city. Barbara's Restaurant is known to offer buffet meals where guests are entertained by a cultural presentation every night. There is also 9 spoons, skydeck and Cioccolata Churros Cafe at the Bayleaf Hotel premises. Ilustrado and Binalot are other food options.

9) The Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros is also a commendable hotel for it provide its guests good service in an affordable price. I checked-in for a night and I can say that their crew was really passionately serving us. They catered my requests well. The hotel itself has great architecture. It is new and the rooms are spacious and clean. I got a room with a great view of Intramuros.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Eastwood City Business Center

Eastwood- the ground of skyscrapers!

Architecturally, Eastwood City Business Center is a well-planned area that is allocated to house the skyscrapers of the country. This is a depot of condominium units and office establishments. What is fantastic about this place is that night time here is never sleeping. It replicates Paris Boulevard where bars, coffee shops and restaurants liven during night.

All sorts of night entertainment are offered in the place- the hippest place to party! Eastwood is also known as the "sosyalistas tambayan" (elite hangouts").

I was with my dad that time so... NO PARTYING! LOL!

TIP: There are actually bars which don't allow men entering who are NOT wearing shoes. So better be prepared if you don't want to be reprimanded. If you are in a budget, you can actually just hangout in their park and enjoy seeing people passing by.


Let me know if there are stores or places in Eastwood, Libis, Metro Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Cubao- Araneta Coliseum and shopping malls

Of all the cities in Metro Manila, I feel that Cubao in Quezon City is the cleanest and the safest area to just stroll around daytime or night time. For my past visits, I never missed dropping by in Cubao and revisiting Araneta Coliseum to check some basketball games which people in our place only see in television, and their connected shopping malls (Ali Mall, SM Cubao, Gateway, Shopwise and Farmers Market)which I believe is bigger than MOA when taken as one. Hotels and food domes are also readily available nearby.

Here is the list of the things that you can see in Cubao… check it out!

Hop from one mall to the other which can be done through their overpasses and underpasses that connects the the 5 huge malls. It caters the needs of different class of people- students, family, professionals and more. Watch your favorite movies comfortably in their digital cinemas (they even have a comfy waiting area where you can seat back and relax while waiting for your movie to begin). I saw in gateway a special cinema which cost more but will give you the soothe that you want. I hope I’ll get an opportunity to watch my most awaited film- in their cinema…:)

Try Gateway’s Garden Restaurant which is called “the oasis” located inside the mall. Customers from affiliated food shops can choose to dine here.

Or try your favorite fast foods nearby. They surround Araneta Coliseum and opens until early morning. I love strolling their place during night because it is pacified and safe. There are also bars nearby like Padi’s point where you can spend your night partying.

There are also available motels and inns nearby where you can rest comfortably during night and wake up seeing Cubao’s busy streets as you open your curtain. I strongly suggest Eurotel which is just steps away from Gateway.

Never leave Cubao if you haven’t watched your favorite PBA team in Araneta Coliseum. Check out what is in store for the day.

Enjoy buying fresh seafoods in Cubao’s marketplace- Farmer’s Market and enjoy eating it at DAMPA seafood restaurant and let their experts cook these on how you want them to be cooked.

What is best about Cubao is that it is easily accessed by different vehicles. Metro rail Transit also passes here thus it won’t be hard to drop by if you want to.


Let me know if there are stores or places in Cubao Quezon City, Metro Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Quezon Avenue- Metro Manila

The place that gives you the ideal atmosphere to chill- Quezon Avenue! How do you want to spend your night? Want to satisfy those palate needs? Or burst out and embrace craziness through laughing? Those needs will be catered perfectly when you visit Quezon Avenue… Enjoy the diverse forms of food shops where you can have your chit-chats and reminiscing while you are dining comfortably. Walk through the cyber form of architecture at Centre Walk and let your kids breeze through the play ground (applies to those who feel like a kid)! Don’t waste your night… visit the best COMEDY BARS in town and witness your favorite stand-up comedians turn the stage in a total fun-filled disaster… and savor the experience in a party or in a videoke bar…


Let me know if there are stores or places in Quezon Avenue Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enchanted Kingdom- Manila

Where the Magic begins? it definitely begins in one amusement park located in Laguna, Metro Manila known as Enchanted Kingdom!!!

EK is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. Children and Adults flock the place as it opens around noon time. And yes, the magical venture starts as you get your RIDE ALL YOU CAN TICKET BRACELET!

How would I want my EK visit transpire? HERE is the list of my MUST DOS...

1) Start your tour @ the Victoria Park.. Feel the elegance of the place and meet Queen Victoria. Prepare your cameras cause you might bump into the Wizard... :) Ride and enjoy an enchanting grand carousel ride. Don't forget to take a JUMP SHOT in the grand entrance!

2) Time to go back in time and explore the era of the Dinosaurs in the BOULDERVILLE! Let your kids enjoy their stone-age inspired playground or allow them to ride EK's boulderville kiddie rides- Boulderville express, Bumbling Boulders, Air Pterodactyl, Stone Eggs and Dinosaurs. Meet Dinosaur mascot living in this place... :)

3) Want to be carefree for a moment? Then don't ever miss MIDWAY BOARDWALK!!! This place is inspired by an American Playground. It homes most of the rides in EK. My mom can't stop riding the Anchor's Away and tried it 3 times. Try riding also the Dodgem, Roller Skater, Up, Up & Away, Bump N' Splash and Wheel of Fate.

4) And now you can move on to the JUNGLE OUTPOST...a replica of the jungles of the Central America. Be marveled as the performers and entertainers throw a thrilling show on the ground... Never miss the exciting Jungle Log Jam and pacified Swan Lake as you pass on this area.

5) Your EK visit will never be COMPLETE when you miss riding their 11- Storey High Space Shuttle in Spaceport!!! THE FIRST Triple Loop Coaster in the country... Here, NOT SCREAMING is not ALLOWED!!!

6) Walk through Brooklyn as you visit EK's Brooklyn Place, a replica of the past showing silent movies and comedy shows. Watch entertainers as they parade in the streets. And of course, enter RIALTO, where you don't just watch movie, but FEEL it as well... It is as if you are really in the movie!!

7) Enjoy Flying Fiesta, Rio Grande and Pirates 4D in Portbello! This place is imitating a place in Panama in the Carribean Sea where the riches of the Incas were shipped by the Spaniards. Missing the rides here is like missing half of your lifetime... LOL!

8) Before ending your tour, dine in their food shop to fill your hungry tummies!

or buy some EK's souvenirs in their mini shops.. you can see cool stuffs their which will remind you of your MEMORABLE EK TRIP...


Let me know if there are stores or places in Enchanted Kingdom Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Monday, September 20, 2010

Star City Manila Amusement Park

Want to spend your Manila Visit on overwhelming, fierce, and breathtaking rides? Then Star City Manila is the place to be!! It homes a number of kiddie, adult, family rides and a couple of great attractions. I never had a chance to capture all the great things I saw in Star City, but I did enjoy my visit. Browse through the list of rides I gathered and never miss to try their latest attraction- The SNOW WORLD!


* Little Tyke: Let your kids enjoy the slide, the seesaw, the swing, the running and make them imagine and play with their new friends in this indoor play area.

* Quack Quack: Spinning ducks! Seat and hold your kids as you spin around in a 4 seat coaches.

* Rodeo: Teach your kids how to drive and enjoy picking which small vehicle to ride out of the ten choices. The cars will run in a convoy on a uphill and downhill road.

* Magic Tea Cup: Choose your mug and SPIN!

* Kiddie Wheel: This is a little ferris wheel for your youngs... Let them conquer their fear of heights by starting it here!

* Kiddie Bumper Cars: BUMP and let them enjoy a good ride. A great avenue to meet new friends!


* Viking: This is Star City's version of Enchanted Kingdom's Anchor away. It is a pirate-inspired boat that swings 50 people back and forth. You can definitely feel your lungs coming out!

* Surf Dance: I CAN'T IMAGINE MYSELF RIDING THIS ONE!!! LOL... A ride that literally dances as it swings upward, downward and sideways... The most suicidal ride I should say... hehehe

* Blizzard: have philia for roller coasters? Then experience this roller coaster ride that will twist you anywhere...

* Adult Bumper Cars: Enjoy every collision with your friends in the all-time favorite- BUMP CARS! Don't forget to fasten your seat belts!

* Adult Bumper Boat: Why not try bumping with your friends in a pool to give the experience extra fun..

* Wild River: Ride a 6 seat log and slide through a channel propelled by a strong current of water.

* Star Flyer: Want to try a roller coaster that inverts you?? Then try this... Let me know how it feels okay? LOL.

* Zyklon Loop: The first ever 360 degree loop in the Philippines.


* Grand Carousel: Bring your family and enjoy the first double decked carousel in the country. Feel the European ambiance of this ride.

* Red Barron: Let your child's imagination heighten as he/she rides this ace racer.

* Balloon Wheel: Want to have a good view of the city? Then hop into this balloon wheel and enjoy as it brings you 22 meters high from the ground.

* Telecombat: Manipulate your own mini space vehicle as your family rides this controlled units.

* Wacky Worm: their version of a family roller coaster in a caterpillar shaped long unit.

* Wacky Dragon: Another roller coaster ride that suits your family.

* Magic Forest: Relax and enjoy the train as it tours you in a magical forest.


* Gabi ng Lagim: Enjoy their horror house and scream for fear as you see Filipino mythical creatures!

* Time Tunnel: Witness the dinosaur era and teleport to the computer age in a walk- through tunnel.

* Peter Pan: Reminisce your childhood and love for Peter Pan! Walk-through his story and re-experience his adventures in Neverland.

* Land of Giants: Small Animals turned Big... This is where you can see them.

* Dungeon: Not yet satisfied with Gabi ng Lagim, then walk through an ancient dungeon inspired by legends of zombies.

* Kilabot ng Mummy: Experience what it feels to be in the Egyptian setting of Mummies in this walk-through attraction.

* Lazer Blaster: Fight for your life in this Lazer battle.

* Snow World: Never stepped on a SNOW? Glide in a pile of snow? Or witness magnificent Ice landscapes and sculptures? Then this is the place to be... :) See snowman in person and feel winter without going outside the country.. This is my MOST LOVED place in Star City!! So NEVER EVER leave star city without trying this one. :)

5) And of course, try their MASSAGE Chairs! After a long day of walking and screaming, spend a chunck of your time relaxing in an automated massage chair. It really feels good. ;) Prepare 40.00 for a 10 minute massage.



3 CHEERS: 250.00(3 Rides of your choice)



*Price quotes are per head.
*RAYC Prices includes Entrance fee.
*Rates are to change without prior notice.



Let me know if there are stores or places in Star City Manila that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Ocean Park/Ocean Adventure in Metro Manila

Ocean Park/ Ocean Adventure is one aquatic dome you should not miss when you visit Metro Manila. Be marveled with their amazing collection of sea creatures and enjoy their booths where you can let your kids play mind games and witness cool scientific experiments promoting environment conservation. Soak your feet in their fish spa and just chill. Be astound with Manila Bay's sunset from their view deck. You can end your tour by having a great meal in their romantic appealing resto...

Here are my list of MUST DO's when you visit Manila Ocean Park, check it out!

1) Start your adventure by viewing the different aquariums filled with varied habitats of sea creatures. Journey through AGOS (flow), a simulation of a jungle with a waterfall that eventually ends in an open ocean where visitors can hold some cool sea creatures like the different species of starfishes. I held one and it felt weird... LOL.

You can then venture to what they call the BAHURA (coral reefs). This showcases the marine biodiversity of our place by putting coral reef inhabitants in multiple tanks.

Move on to the LAOT(Fishing Ground) which shows the different sea creatures utilized by Filipinos as food. .yum2! These fishes are placed in huge tanks.

Then enjoy the best part of the tour (at least for me!), walk through a tunnel known as the BUHAY NA KARAGATAN (The Living Ocean) and witness the real way of life of marine inhabitants. If you get lucky, catch a "Mermaid show" where mermaids swim and dance in this tunnel.

Enjoy more sea creatures in the area called ANG KALALIMAN "The Deep" which homes the jacks.

Want to see PAGI (Stingrays) swimming over you? then look up and be marvelled with these creatures in a hanging tank.

Never seen a specie of PATING (Sharks)? The next huge tank you will see is the collection of the different shark species here in the Philippines, but this time, it wont be dangerous to see them upclose. :)

2) After a tiring tour in the waters, why not dip those tired feet in their Fish Spa as "Doctor Fishes" nibble on those dead skin you have in your feet. Pamper yourself, relax and just enjoy the petite creatures flocking to you. Prepare 120.00 for this!

3) You can also let your kids enjoy the Science Exhibits where they don't just play, but learn as well. Let them be aware about environmental issues and conservation techniques through wonderful toys and games.

4) Why not chill for a while and witness the breathtaking sunset of Manila Bay from their view deck.

5) Or let your kids play the ZORB pool!!!

6) Need to satisfy those palate? Then dine in Ozeanos Restaurant and check out the melting pot of varied world's cuisines. This is definitely an amazing place to end your tour. :D


Let me know if there are stores or places in Manila Ocean Park that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)