Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ocean Adventure in Subic

Ocean adventure in Subic is one of the best attractions in the Philippines, and is the only open water marine park in Southeast Asia.

It has been operating for 10 years and still has continually provided its guests great and fun experience. It has gained the reputation of being the premiere attraction of Southeast Asia. They have been pushing their cause of preserving the marine life, and their greatest mission was to provide an informative and entertaining experience to guests through their world-class shows and presentations as well as animal interactions.

Most of the marine species you will see in Ocean Adventure were rescued animals that were almost slaughtered or have almost died in the wild. Ocean Adventure simulated an environment wherein these species can live and can be taken cared of closely. The animals were rehabilitated and were trained in order to give us great shows that can entertainingly educate viewers to preserve their species.

This water park is located inside Subic Bay Freeport Zone which is just 2 ½ to 3 hours north from Manila. It is specifically situated at Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is a known attraction in Subic Bay thus locating it is easy. The park offers exhilarating shows your family can surely enjoy. Different stadium showcases presentations of different animals. They have Dolphin Friends Show, Sea Lion Marine Patrol, Walk on the Wild Side, The Adventures of Olongapo Jones, Ocean Discovery Aquarium, Learning Center and Sea Lion Point.

In my family’s visit to the park, we were welcomed with a souvenir shop where you can buy great trinkets to take home. They also have photo booths for you to take home a great captured moment on the park. The shows for the day were well-organized thus missing a show was never an issue. Shows begin and end without overlapping other shows and they have their schedules posted on a number of boards.

We immediately headed to the ongoing show, the Walk on the Wild Side! As a starter show, it was fun and animal exhibitions were totally insane. Animals participated and interacted as if they were great actors and actresses. The script was interactive and we enjoyed the thrill of the play. A cool scenario I remembered was when they asked a viewer to go up on stage and guess which of the following boxes contained a snake by mere feeling its texture. It was super exciting to see if the person can guess it right. There were other scenarios wherein they have taught us great surviving skills we can definitely use in the wild such as how to make fire out of stones or bamboo and this was taught to us by a native of the place. After the show, we were allowed to touch the different animals which participated in the play and have our picture taken with them.

After this show, another show in a different stadium started, and that was The Adventures of Olongapo Jones. This presentation was far different
from the first we saw. This time, it’s a display of acrobatic skills by 2 foreign play actors who kept on jumping on a trampoline or get hanged 10 meters high by a harness. It was thrilling to watch but their comedic storyline hooked me more to the show. After the play, we went up on the stage
and have our pictures taken with the cast and mascots.

The next presentation we witnessed was the Dolphin Friends Show. This was a very special play because my sister was chosen to be the one interacting in front and give commands to the dolphins.
She also got a chance to hold the dolphins while they peek out of the water. She was chosen by the staff of the show because she was very gorgeous that time. Ocean Adventure has packages for Dolphin interaction but these were given in expensive rates. Dolphin photo encounter (solo ) for instance was 500php and their beach encounter package was worth 2800php. They also have a Dive Encounter Package which was worth 4760 php.

After the great dolphin show, we headed to the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show! This time, we witnessed a sea lion obeying commands from his trainer in a short skit about detectives. It was so cool how the sea lion participated as if it was a real detective. There was also an instance wherein the sea lion flaunted its dancing and grooving skills! This was a great show to end the day.
Before finally ending our day in Ocean Adventure Subic, we took a short visit in their Ocean Discovery Aquarium and Learning Center. It was a room filled with aquariums that have displays of amazing marine species. It was smaller than the other ocean parks I previously visited but it was still amusing to witness.

And the day ended giving us not just fun and entertainment but also know-how about their cause of marine preservation. This was something worthwhile to encounter with your family or friends. :)

For rates update or more details, you can visit their website:
Or contact them at:

Telephone Nos. +63 (47) 252-9000, +63 (47) 252-5885; Fax No. +63 (47) 252-5883
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lighthouse Marina in Subic

Subic is known for its luxurious deals. Lighthouse Marina Subic which is one of the famous hotels of the city has never failed to satisfy anyone’s impeccable taste. Lighthouse Marina is a 5 star hotel with 34 lavishly designed rooms. Its quaint architecture adds allurement to the exterior details of the hotel. It has a main building which complements to a 20 meter tall lighthouse facing the beachfront. Its strategic location which is away from the busy areas of Subic made it a perfect haven for relaxation. The lighthouse was installed 3 years ago to cater tourists and executives who frequent the place.

Today, lighthouse marina has been offering the best accommodation and services in Subic. There are a lot of great reviews regarding its world class customer service. They assure you of a restful and fun vacation by providing you packages which you can personalize depending on the kind of thrill you want to enjoy. You can ask them to arrange the activities base on your preference such as sailing, scuba diving, hiking, surfing, water sports, or spa treatments. Your wish is definitely their command.

I just got a chance to have a peek on its interior and roam around its vicinity. But my short experience during my visit was very overwhelming. I was astounded how magnificent its architecture is. It is as if I am taken back in the past. The place was very elegant and if only I have enough budget, then this hotel is my first pick.

Room rates start at 6,000php per night which is exclusive of 10% service charge. To know more about their rooms and rates, visit:

Tel/Fax: (6347) 252-5000 or (6347) 252-7545

The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Bay
Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Road, CBD
Subic Bay Freeport zone, Zambales, Philippines


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keni Po Hotel in Tagaytay City

Finding a good hotel in Tagaytay is easy. The city offers various inns and hotels that will surely fit in your budget. One of the good places to spend your night in Tagaytay is Keni Po Hotel situated near the famous tourist attractions of the place -Picnic Grove and People's Park in the Sky. It is also just a kilometer away from the famous Ninoy Aquino Statue at the rotonda.

Keni Po hotel has comfortable clean rooms and good facilities you can trust during your stay. A plus factor is that there is a swimming pool at the back area of the hotel surrounded by well landscaped garden. It also has a spacious parking lot at the front part. Booking a room is not difficult in keni po and they accommodate walk-in customers.

You can rent single/twin bed rooms for only 1,200Php during weekdays or 1,500Php during weekends. Family rooms have more expensive rates. Check in time starts at 1:00pm and check out time at 12:00nn. Extra hours are charged at 100php/hr.

You can also make reservations now at (046) 4830977


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