Saturday, September 11, 2010

i am HOME!!

Where do you want to GO?? ^_^

The insurmountable beauty of nature and majestic sceneries that you see in the Philippines are worth a space in every visitor’s memory. Mythically, there are 7,107 islands in this country that can take your breath away- an archipelago that promotes every aspect of exquisiteness. It consists of 3 huge islands known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Unique sites are offered by each, from the urban metropolis to the vast preserved caves, falls, beaches and historical destinations. The Philippine Islands is never hard to love…

This country has been my home, but it never failed to leave me awe every time I explore a place in it. And until now, I will enjoy more adventures to witness more of its attractions. I have already landed to a number of cities and provinces which I will be sharing in this blog. Travephiliac is intently made to document the picturesque places i land on. I am an avid fan of traveling, loving life and enjoying the overwhelming scenery i encounter almost always. This blog will serve as my depot of lovely memories from those places. Hope every visitor will also find this useful in their planned adventures! :)

Feel free to hover the places you want to know more… ^_^

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