Thursday, December 30, 2010

People's Park in the Sky- Tagaytay City

This is previously known as the Palace in the Sky, built by the former President Marcos to house President Ronald Regan and his first lady for their visit in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the palace was unfinished because of the political skirmishes Marcos faced during that time. Today, the formless structure of the palace remained, and does story tell a part of the Philippine history making it a landmark and one of the best tourist spots of Tagaytay City.

Currently known as the People's Park in the Sky, this area has the best view of Manila Bay, Laguna Lake, and the Taal Lake. It is the highest place of Tagaytay City. If you are lucky to get a good weather in your visit, the view in here will surely give you a breathtaking experience. But most of the time, do expect thick fogs blocking the spectacular scenery.

The entrance fee to the palace is just as cheap as Php15, but during wet days, an additional Php15 is collected for the cab fare from the entrance gate up to the mansion which is just a 5-minute ride.

As you arrive, do expect a palace that looks like an abandoned building. I can imagine it appearing amazing if this was only finished. You can see a mini-theater inside, and a huge pond that currently looks like a garden. There is also a huge grotto and a satellite. A gigantic 3-floor building with high ceilings. On the ground floor area, souvenir shops furnished the empty rooms. At least tourist could also enjoy Tagaytay's specialties aside from the famous scenery they intend. There are a wide array of choices in the souvenir shops, from house decors to tops and flip-flops, to caps and food. A good place to purchase some items for families and friends back home.

If it happened that you got hungry during your tour, then worry no more since a small restaurant is also renting inside the building. The Grandview Foodhaus has short orders that you will surely like, however some of the food they offer are really pricey.

If you are up for some walking, then enjoy returning back to the gate on your shoes. This will also give you a chance to take a snapshot of you with the huge name of the place- PEOPLE'S PARK IN THE SKY!


Let me know if there are stores or places near People's Park in the Sky, Tagaytay City that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City

One cheap attraction well-commended when you visit Tagaytay is the Picnic Grove. This is located in Brgy. Sungay which is in the east-end of Tagaytay City on the way towards the Royal Taal Inn and People's Park in the Sky.

This place offers a great view deck where you can have a good glimpse of the famous Taal Lake. Cottages for picnic sessions scatter in the place which you can rent during your stay- Overnight lodging is also offered. The prices do vary depending on the size of your rented cottage, prepare 100-250 fee. They also have grill pits where you can cook your barbecues which can be used for free. Moreover, you can enjoy mounting games with your kids in the terrain or walk with your friends in their Eco-Adventure Trail. This trail directs you to a brimful vegetation and unto a hanging bridge that will surely shake you. You will also be seeing a backdrop of people flying on a zipline.

What I enjoyed most in my visit there is their ZIPLINE and CABLE CAR. The zipline is a less than a minute ride that will give you a luscious view of the place. The cable car on the other hand is a slower ride where you can sit back, and just be overwhelmed of the height for 5 minutes. You are allowed to bring your camera during the ride but just make sure that you are holding it tight!! The rides operate from 9am up to 6pm.

Here are the rates of the rides:


1 way ride= Php 200/ person
2 way ride/ combination= Php 300/ person


1 way ride= Php 300/ person
2 way ride/ combination= Php 400/ person


All rides are inclusive of one souvenir picture.

For more inquiries, visit Tagaytay Ridge Zipline

Horseback Riding is also a fun ride to try in Picnic Grove. Expect that horse owners will drag themselves to you as soon as you arrive shouting out loud the name of their horses- Piolo!!!! Sharon!!!! and many more familiar names... lol. If you are up for such, just prepare Php200 for big horses and Php100 for the smaller ones. You also need to pay an additional Php150 for the Adventure Trail. A guide will be with you throughout your ride. Well, I could not talk more about it since I was not able to experience horseback riding that time.

I got lucky though, was able to witness a free concert by ichy worms sponsored by smart..!! :)

But all in all, it was one great stopover to ponder again and again! =)


Let me know if there are stores or places in Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manila Zoo, Philippines

I am a huge fan of up close encounter to any animal... much wild, the better. Thus when I had the chance to visit Roxas Boulevard, i didn't miss going to Manila Zoo which is located 2 blocks away from where I was. It is in between Mabini and Adriatico Streets. If you are planning to go there using a cab, then a taxi driver will surely know the way.

from then up to now, I never missed going to this place when I visit Manila. It is always an add up to my itinerary. Speaking of fun, this place can surely materialize the meaning of it.

Manila Zoo is one popular wildlife home in the heart of Metro Manila. It is a 5.5-hectare park which houses approximately 500 animals. Admission here is only adult: 40.00 kids: 20.00. Various types of reptiles to wild mammals can all be seen in here enclosed in their cages. From the entrance, an indian elephant will immediately welcome you on the right side. Then some cute ostriches running inside their caged haven will be noticed just in front of you. A reptile section which houses pythons, iguana and the like can be seen when you move a little more to your right... And many more animals grouped according to their specie can be seen up close as you tour the place.

What made me truly enjoy my visit is their kinder section. By paying an additional 200 php you have the privilege to enter this area. In here you wont only see birds, crocodiles, snakes and ostriches, but also you can touch and hug them. Prepare those cameras because these animals love to smile with you in a photo too. Professional photographers have also their shutters ready for your glamorous smile in exchange of a small fee of course. Aside from that, they also offer adventure games. Though the games they have only cater kids since their rapel, wallclimb and zipline sections are too unchallenging for adults. These activities are included on the additional fee you paid.

Aside from these, Manila Zoo now also have a boating section where you and your friends can enjoy boating in a small lagoon.

When you have kids with you, Manila Zoo also has a playground where you can let your kids enjoy playing with new friends.

Here is a copy of Manila Zoo's map:

Open hours: 7am to 6pm daily


Let me know if there are stores or places near Manila Zoo of the Philippines that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rizal Park (Luneta)

The ground that has been marched down by a number of epic. From the famous execution of Dr. Jose Rizal (Nation's here) up to this year's hostage taking, Rizal Park or formerly known as Luneta witnessed these chapters.

Rizal Park is one of the best places here in the Philippines where you can have your family picnic and at the same time travel back in time through its remarkable corners. It is one of the largest parks in Southeast Asia, stretching from Taft Avenue up to Manila Bay, a 58-hectare park that can be visited for free. It has a former name "Luneta" which means little moon coined from its actual shape which is a lunette. This has been the execution ground of Spaniards for the rebels of those era. Today, the remains of the Filipino Hero Rizal commemorates that devastating past and his braveness. This then was renamed after him.

The current renovation made to this park was designed by Daniel Burnham, an American Architect, in 1902. He planned to build up infrastructures in a U-Shaped manner, however only 3 buildings were materialized- Executive House, the Department of Tourism building, and the Department of Finance building.

Today, more corners in Rizal Park are renovated and are fun places to have a good time. See my list:

1) Still, there stands the famous monument of Jose Rizal.

(posing with me are some of the people i met in Manila... madam eva, ate juvy and ate gladys)

2) It now has a huge statue of one of our heroes, Lapu-lapu.

(Her name is Sanis... I made friends with her for 3 days and we acted like bff's

3) Spend (student)5.00 (adult)10.00 in order to enter to Rizal's execution corner. You can see there huge statues impersonating the time of execution.

4) Visit their Chinese and Japanese Gardens and get transported to China and Japan. Pay 5.00 entrance fee.

5) Learn the Philippine Geography through the miniature Philippine Archipelago mounted in a pond.

6) Go to the famous National Museum Planetarium. See the projection of the universe inside this dome. (student)20.00 (adult)30.00

9:00 - 10:00 am
10:30 - 11:30 am
1:30 - 2:30 pm
3:30 - 4:30 pm

15-310 viewers at a time for 4 years old and above.

7) And play with your youngsters in Rizal Park's Playground. Pay 10.00 entrance fee.

8) Add a little twist in your morning exercises by participating in a mass dancing session at the Rizal Park field!!

(waking up really early.... and bwalah... early birds dancing their hearts out)

9) Get lucky and witness a live show or concert for free from your local or aspiring artists in the mini auditorium

10) And do not miss watching the dancing fountain at night in the heart of Luneta.


Let me know if there are stores or places near Rizal Park (Luneta) of the Philippines that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)


National Museum of the Philippines

Juan Luna bust statue

One way to be intellectually stimulated when you visit a place is to know more about the place's culture and its people's creativity and heritage. Here in the Philippines, it is in the National Museum located in Taft, Metro Manila where that can be satisfied. This place guards the country's cultural treasures and is a home of the valuable masterpieces of famous Filipino artists.

I visited the Museum in a Sunday thus we were not charged for the entrance fee. On weekdays though, a small fee is collected for the tour guide that will be assisting you. This gigantic museum was designed by Daniel Burnham, the designer of Burnham Park in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, in 1918. The whole museum is divided into two. The main building houses the arts, natural sciences and the like and the adjacent building is allocated for anthropology and archaeology exhibits.

What to Remember:

Inside the building, cameras can be used however you have to disable the flash function. With these, the paintings and other exhibits can be restored more. DSLR cameras are not allowed as well.

Open Hours: 9am-5pm Tue-Sun.
Fee: REGULAR DAYS (100.00) Sunday (FREE)

Location: Padre Burgos Street, Rizal Park

Here are some of the shots we took in our tour. :)

This is the building allocated for the arts and sciences exhibit


Let me know if there are stores or places near the National Museum of the Philippines that you suggest tourists to see. Leave a comment or PM me... I really want to hear what your travel experiences are. :)