Friday, March 8, 2013

Gloria's Fantasyland in Dapitan

On our Dakak Beach Resort Package, we also earned tickets for the newly established Gloria's Fantasyland in Dapitan. The ticket looks like this:

As you can see, it is an entry pass to the new attraction stating all the rides you can try but has to ride them once only. And here we are, with our adrenaline on, we ambushed the park. I suggest going to the park at night as it becomes more vibrant, and you can save your skin from tanning (that's for those who prefer fair skin).

It was drizzling that night and we were really hungry from our adventure in Dakak. So we first searched for a comfortable restaurant to have our dinner. Gloria's Fantasyland is surrounded by different bars and restaurants thus it was not hard for us to take our pick. I preferred a restaurant which is cozy and not crowded that is best for family dinner. I found Daddy's International Cuisine. It was just a stone throw away from the park.

It was quite awkward that time when we were already choosing which food to eat because everything in the menu is not available. For someone hungry, that could have really pissed us off. Oh well, we just ordered the food that they can serve. Their reason was they were not able to refill their stocks after the big celebration the place had yesterday. Reason accepted and of course, it was more embarrassing to stand up and look for another restaurant which will somewhat treat us the same way.

Graciously, they served really delicious food in a reasonable price. We enjoyed everything we ordered. Something to commend from them.

After dining, we unhurriedly proceeded to Fantasyland!!!! It was still drizzling but it did not bother us. Photoshoot on their beautifully landscaped castle-like entrance is a must. It is something you won't expect from a laid back city like Dapitan. The crew inside is on their uniforms and are well organized.

This amusement park has a little resemblance of Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna. Only that the area here is smaller and the rides are less challenging. The good thing though is they are able to put up a well managed and stable system that maintains the park. Unlike other amusement parks you see in other cities where they need to assemble and disassemble depending on celebrations.

Checking our tickets, we really do not know where to start so we toured the place first. We found something interesting on their array of game machines (the ones you put tokens to). It is a strength meter where you need to use a cushioned hammer and forcefully bang the strength gauge. Everyone tried their strength and unluckily i got zero. It was NOT EASY!!! Ryan's dad, his sibling and Ryan tried also and yes they scored 4-7, Ryan scoring the highest! DUH!

Moving on, Fantasyland has a mini train ride which will tour you around. Sounds fun right? So everyone in the pack tried it. The train was soooo long and yet the driver was able to manuever it well even in the jagged streets of the place. It is a dizzy ride I guarantee. The staff then punched our tickets indicating that we already rode that. Ahhhh.. so that how it works then.

We checked our tickets and began choosing which to try next and here's how we did it.

1) Carousel A

2) Bumper Car

3) Carousel B

4) Roller Coaster

5) Wonderflight

6) Midi Flume Ride

7) Telecombat

8) Flying Ball

9) Ferry's Wheel

10) Apollo

11) Swinger

12) Galleon Ship

13) Bull Ride

After all the fun, we ended up the night buying food to fill up our energy.

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